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Parent Support Group 2020


PSG) was formed to promote and forge a strong partnership between home and school. We believe that this strong partnership will benefit both the school and the parents as they work together to make the school a more conducive and nurturing environment for the children’s holistic growth. We strongly encourage parents to take an active role in their children’s education in school by joining the PSG.

Over the years, we have developed a very supportive group of parent volunteers who contribute both their time and talents selflessly. They are actively involved in many areas of the school programmes and activities. These include Road Safety, Library Support, Canteen Safety, Recess Activities, Men Support Group, Curriculum support, Learning journeys and various festive celebrations. The school is very grateful for this group of committed and trusted parent volunteers who work tirelessly together with the school. 

If you would like to volunteer your services as a Parent Volunteer, please feel free to approach the General Office staff for an application form. We look forward to working closely with you to make PGPS a more vibrant and exciting school for your child!