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School and Parents Partnership (SAPP)

Parental involvement in education is pivotal for the success of children throughout their school years and beyond. In recognition of the importance of fostering a strong working relationship between parents and the school, the PGPS School and Parents Partnership (SAPP) framework is developed based on Epstein's Framework of Six Types of Involvement for Parent-School Partnerships outlined below. The key outcome of this partnership framework is to prepare our students to be future ready leaders and we look forward to welcoming all parents to partner us in one way or another in guiding your child on his/her exciting educational journey in Punggol Green Primary School. 


Helping parents provide a conducive home environment to support their child's learning through parenting workshops and connections to voluntary welfare orgnaisations.


Establishing effective communication between the school and the parents about the child's progress and school programmes through Parent-Teacher-Child Conferences, correspondences and school publications.


Recruiting parents as volunteers in school to support students' learning during school events and learning journeys.

Learning at Home

Providing parents with practical information to support their child's learning at home through holistic reports focusing on effective feedback and strategies to help the child improve.

Decision Making

Involving the core Parent Support Group in certain decision making, project initiation and development in the school. 

Collaborating with Community

Tapping on the rich community resources to support school, parents and students.