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Principal’s Message

Mr Hanafi B Asmore.jpg
Welcome to Punggol Green Primary School!

Punggol Green Primary School (PGPS) is a choice school in the neighbourhood. At PGPS, we aspire our students to be future-ready leaders with the heart for others. Essentially, we hope that every student in our school will be able to lead himself/herself to success. To achieve this, we have a team of caring and dedicated staff who will engage the learners by igniting the joy of learning through their daily lessons and offering interesting programmes. To make the most out of the rich experiences we provide, we promote a growth mindset in our students and instil in them the attitude of giving of their best in everything that they do.

We also hope to inspire our students to care for others in the community. To this end, at PGPS, we emphasise character and citizenship education. We imbue in our students our school’s core values of Self-discipline, Teamwork, Responsibility, Integrity, Valour and Empathy (S.T.R.I.V.E.) by reiterating and seizing every teachable moment during lessons as well as CCAs, so that these values become the moral compass in everything that they do. To empower our students so that they can take actions, we equip them with 21st century competencies such as leadership, collaborative and interpersonal skills. The key means to achieve these are our flagship STEM Programme that focuses on environmental conservation and our Student Leadership Programme. We believe that by engaging the minds, nurturing the heart and empowering the hands, our pupils will be ready to face any challenges that they may face in the future and they will be motivated to improve the lives of others.

So let me take this opportunity to invite you to join the school and partner us in developing future-ready leaders with the heart for others.

Mr Hanafi B Asmore
Punggol Green Primary School