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School Leaders

Mr Hanafi B Asmore
Mr Hanafi Asmore started his teaching career at East View Primary School in 1994 where he was a teacher, Level Head/Maths and then HOD/Pupil Development before pursuing his master’s degree at the University of Sydney. Upon his return, he was posted to Guangyang Primary School as a Vice-Principal. Prior to heading PGPS in 2020, he was the Principal of Punggol Primary School. As an educator, he firmly believes that every child can learn and excel and has interests and talents. He also takes a broader definition of success. With this strong belief, he is committed to maximising the potential of each and every pupil.

Mrs Betty See
Mrs Betty See has had the privilege of working in Infrastructure Development in both the private and public sector. She joined MOE as a VP (Administrative) armed with the experience from her field of work. She believes strongly in providing a conducive and nurturing environment for the holistic development of the children in Punggol Green Primary. She is excited to enhance the school’s practices in the area of environmental education and sustainability. She is positive that with the dedicated and passionate teachers, helpful and service-oriented executive and administrative staff, Punggol Green Primary will be a joyful, fun and nurturing environment to grow our future-ready leaders.

Dr Lee Kok Sonk
Dr Lee Kok Sonk started his teaching career at Northland Secondary School in 1997 as a PE and Mathematics teacher before moving on to MOE HQ in 2001 where he serves in 3 different MOE branches (PARB, CCAB & PESOEB). During his stint in MOE HQ, he pursued his master’s degree and PhD at the University of Queensland, Australia. Upon his return, he was appointed as Head and Senior Specialist Talent Development in CCA Branch. In 2012, he was posted to Damai Primary School as a Vice-Principal. He was involved in the merging of Damai Primary School with 2 other primary schools in 2015 and 2019 respectively. As an educator, he strongly believes that every child can learn and succeed, and be well-rounded, healthy individuals of sound character and values. It takes a village to grow a child and with the unwavering support, love and commitment of the staff and parents, he is convinced that when the students see the purpose of what they are learning through joyful learning experiences in curricular and co-curricular domains, the students will be inspired and motivated to be future-ready leaders who value learning and care for the community.

Mrs Teo-Tay Chai Hong
Mrs Teo-Tay Chai Hong started her teaching career at St. Joseph’s Convent in 1999 as an educator who specialised in teaching Physical Education and Mathematics. She joined Canberra Secondary School in 2001 as one of the pioneer batches of educators of the school and held key personnel positions as Sports Secretary and Head of Department Normal Technical before being appointed as the school’s Vice-Principal in 2011. She also served as Deputy Director (Sports Education), at the Physical, Sports and Outdoor Education Branch in MOE-HQ under the Student Development Curriculum Division from 2016 to 2018 and moved on as Vice-Principal of Hai Sing Catholic School before joining PGPS in December 2021. Being an educator was Mrs Teo’s childhood aspiration. As an educator, she strongly believes that every child can learn and be nurtured. As a school leader, she is committed and happy to be that “rainbow” connecting people (students, staff, parents and community partners), in a meaningful and purposeful way, to deliver the best for the students and bring out the best in every child.