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Compliments by Key Stakeholders

To Ms Ita

Dear Mr Hanafi,

        We are writing to express our sincere appreciation to Ms Ita for her personal sharing during the Cross-Level Deployment Sharing Session (Primary) last Wednesday.

        Ita’s sharing was both insightful and inspiring, and the audience particularly appreciated her stories and authentic perspectives. Her slides were very well done! The sharing would certainly help the teachers make an informed decision as they explore their options for their next posting.

        Thank you for your support for the ministry’s cross-level deployment efforts, and we wish Ms Ita continued success and meaning in her work.

        Have a great week ahead!

Vivian Li (Ms)

Senior Manager, Career Management Unit, HR Management Centre, HR Solutions and Capabilities Division

Ministry of Education

To Ms Fang Siying

        I would like to thank Ms Fang Siying for being a tenacious, committed and hardworking teacher who positively steers students to the best of their abilities, in their studies and leadership development.

Hao Xuan’s Mummy

To Mr Lite Tan

        I would like to thank Mr Tan for his reliable and assuring presence since the beginning of the year amidst the uncertainties brought by Covid-19. Thank you for anchoring the class, being strict yet fun, and motivating and inspiring my son to want to do well.

Hao Xuan’s Mummy

To Ms Eugenia Ong

        Thank you for teaching me (and abusing my table) and being sort of patient with me. You helped me to learn many methods and things. However, can you please return me my autograph book?

Veng Haw

To Mr Dixon

        Mr Dixon has been very generous to share his knowledge and experience with me. He is a straight shooter and points me to the right direction and pertinent resources.
        I dare say the learning rope is steep with our first case of Covid positive student and the start of the National Examinations. Nonetheless the challenges are manageable and interesting.

SAT Mentoring Programme- E1 OM

To Ms Carmela Neo

Dear Mr Hanafi,

        We are parents of Kiron Ng Chun Fung (P4 Valour). We are writing to comment Ms Neo’s passion for teaching and engagement of her students. Kiron is fortunate to have Ms Neo as his P3 & P4 Form teacher.

        Our first interacting with Ms Neo was during the first P3 PTM (Parent Teacher Meeting) during the middle of 2020 (after the 2 month Circuit Breaker). We are impressed that Ms Neo knows Kiron very well although there were 2 months where students couldn’t be engaged in school. This was evident during the PTM and also in the remarks given by Ms Neo in the P3 mid-year report book remarks.

        Through her busy schedule, Ms Neo would always give parents regular updates on happenings in school and reminders on tasks that students had to complete. Ms Neo monitors student performance, provides accurate feedback and takes follow-up actions in a timely manner. This happens in school and also during HBL where she checked often on her students work and well-being. Under Ms Neo’s guidance, Kiron has grown to love English and Mathematics more and also developed holistically. Ms Neo also places much emphasis on character development, inculcating values and socio-emotional competencies in students. Through her observations in class and various activities (recess or after school activities), she will give students leadership quality the chance to become a Class Monitor or School Prefect. In summary, she’s able to build strong rapport and mutual trust with students by showing concern and encouragement.

        Lastly, Ms Neo has the ability to handle parents well. We remembered the last PTM (May 2021), we were asking if she could reveal Kiron’s mid-year Mathematics marks. She explained that marks isn’t everything and character development is the most important.

        This is the first time we have written in to commend a teacher. We understand being a teacher is never easy and the heart is important for a teacher to keep going. There are times where the going gets tough but we hope Ms Neo keeps on going as she has the right heart for education kids.

Parents of Kiron Ng Chun Fung (2021 P4 Valour)

To Mdm Nadira & Ms Cerelia Chng

        I am the parent of Nicole Koh in Class 6 Integrity, and would like to compliment Mdm Nadira and Ms Cerelia Chng for their passion in teaching and dedication to students.

        Mdm Nadira and Ms Chng are the Form Teacher of 6I and Chinese Teacher of CL6.2 respectively. I have always found them to be caring and committed teachers who put in great efforts to make the best of students’ potential. They have adopted innovative methods of teaching to help the students to grasp and understand the subjects’ concept better, more importantly, makes the learning process fun and interesting. My child has enjoyed being taught by them. I believe that some parents have the same sharing to see our children being guided and nurtured with positive dispositions toward learning.

        The teachers also make an effort to reach out to parents and work closely with them to ensure our children’s well-being at school. They believe in building a strong teacher-parent relationship in our child’s learning journey, especially in this pandemic and PSLE year, parents need their help in coaching our children at home. I am truly grateful to them for the time and care they have given to my child. Nicole was motivated and inspired to do her best in her studies because of the teachers’ constant encouragement and support.

        I would like to express my appreciation to Mdm Nadira and Ms Chng who have shared their wisdom and knowledge in our children’s education and congratulate the school for having such passionate and dedicated teachers in your team.

        I am also sincerely thankful to the school’s management for giving a supportive platform for these teachers to excel in making a difference to our child’s academic and holistic education. I feel blessed that my child is educated by these teachers. This academic year 2021 has come to an end and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team behind Punggol Green Primary School for these 6 wonderful years for my daughter. It’s an amazing learning journey for Nicole in the past 6 years in Punggol Green Primary, she has enjoyed herself and matured during the journey.

        Your team members have put their hands together to provide a conducive & comfortable learning environment for our children. Once again, thank you to Punggol Green Primary School.

Mdm Ling, Mother of Nicole Koh

To Mr Desmond Tay

Dear Mr Tay,

        Thank you for a great year! I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts you have taken during this academic year. Alya enjoyed each and every class of yours and always look forward to go to school everyday. I really appreciate the way in which you helped her learn English and Science by making the lesson innovative. You not only helped her in getting good scores in English but also in developing a keen liking for both subject. I also thank you for encouraging her to participate in class activities she thoroughly enjoyed. I thank you again for all the wonderful work you have done and wish you all the best for your future endeavours.  

To Mdm Siti Ramzah and Mrs Yap

        I am Samuel Li Jian Fu, Evelin Li Yi Yin’s father from Primary 6 Responsibility. Evelin really enjoys the learning experiences she received this year. Her form teacher Mdm Siti Ramzah and co-form teacher Mrs Yap Shuen Yin are very responsible, caring and experienced teachers. Students from P6R calls Mdm Siti, “Mom Siti”. My child really likes her form teacher and co-form teacher.

        Whenever, I texted Mdm Siti to enquire any issues or questions, she is always very prompt with her replies. Mdm Siti conducted twice weekly Sunday Math Zoom lessons as she is aware that some of her students find Math challenging.

        When my daughter, Evelin received two DSA interviews in July, one from Nan Chiau High School and the other one from Edgefield Secondary School, Mdm Siti encouraged my daughter and that helped to improve her confidence level. She showed her support by staying with my daughter during the interview sessions.

        I am very glad that my daughter, Evelin Li Yi Yin has received a confirmation letter through her DSA application from Edgefield Secondary School. Evelin hopes to be able to contribute to the community from what she has learned from Punggol Green Primary School. These priceless experiences and exposure that she had been given from Punggol Green Primary School as a prefect and CCA vice-chairperson for the P6 school performance team will continue to help her to have a broad, open-minded perspective as she continues to work with the people around her. More importantly, I hope that she will continue to be an empathetic individual.

        Having been a parent volunteer in PGPS during these six years, I have seen my child’s growth. The improvements that she has made, the achievements, the resilience and tenacity, I am proud of my child.

        I would like to thank Mdm Siti Ramzah and Mrs Yap Shuen Yin for being there for not only my daughter but also for the P6 Responsibility students. I would also like to thank Mdm Nadira Noordin, Mr Kwang Yong, Ms Pei Ling Eugenia Ong, Ms Ai Lin Aileen Lui, Ms Lynn Kirk-Quek Si Yi, Mdm Michelle Lee for being there for my daughter.

        I also would like to thank Mr Hanafi Asmore, Principal, Dr Lee Kok Sonk, Vice Principal, Mdm Tan Betty, Vice Principal, and the entire PGPS family for providing positive school experiences for my daughter.

        I wish Punggol Green Primary School will continue to provide the students with a vibrant school life!

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Li Jian Fu (Samuel), Evelin Li Yi Yin’s father.