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School Safety Information

School Safety and Security
For security reasons, visitors are not allowed to enter the school premises without the permission pass issued at the security counter. Members of the school staff are instructed to check on visitors without permission pass within the school premises. Please display the permission pass prominently. Please proceed to the General Office after you obtain your permission pass so that our staff can assist you.

As there are limited parking lots reserved for members of the staff in the school, we seek your cooperation to park your car in the nearby public carpark if you need to visit the school. For the safety of our children, parents are requested to drive carefully and slowly within the school vicinity.

Arrival and dismissal of students
For arrival, please alight your child at the school foyer as quickly as possible. Make sure that all your child’s belongings are ready so that he/she can get out quickly. Please do not stop and alight from your vehicle to carry your child’s belongings from the boot as this will hold up the traffic. Please also come earlier as there may be a long queue of vehicles. The children should report at 7.30 a.m. daily. Children who are late must report to the General Office before proceeding to their respective classes. For safety reason, please do not park your vehicle along the road side to wait / pick up your child during dismissal. You can park your vehicle at the HDB multi-storey carpark and walk across to the school to pick your child.

Traffic safety
For parents who are walking to school, please observe the traffic rules very closely and make use of the pedestrian crossing. With the influx of more residents into the area, the volume of traffic will increase. For the safety of all, please be vigilant and not take short cuts. We need to teach children the right habits and behaviours when crossing the road.

School Publication
In the interests of school security, the school premise is covered by CCTV. Photographs or video images of you or your legal guardians may be taken during school activities and events such as classroom lessons, CCA, school camps, or school concerts. The school may use and publish such photographs or video recordings in school publications, the school’s website, social media channels, or other communication channels. Hence, the school seeks your understanding with regard to the above.

Illness and Absence from School
Your child should attend school regularly and punctually. However, if your child is ill, please inform the school and do not send him or her to school. Any absence from school should be covered by a doctor’s medical certificate or a letter from parent upon return to school. If your child falls ill while in school, only parents or guardians will be allowed to take him or her home.

Sense of Responsibility
Students are encouraged to be responsible for their belonging. We seek parents’ cooperation to inculcate a sense of responsibility in their children. If your child has forgotten to bring something to school, please do not bring the forgotten items to the General Office to deliver to your child as this would cause unnecessary disruption to curriculum/lesson time.

Deliberate action by students in damaging or vandalising of school resources and/or property is unacceptable. Parents will be liable to pay for the cost incurred for any repairs/replacement necessary.

Home Address and Telephone Numbers
Please notify the school of any change in home address or telephone numbers as soon as possible.

Consultation with Teachers
Parents/guardians may need to consult your child’s teachers regarding his/ her progress and homework from time to time. Please make an appointment before you come to school to meet them as teachers cannot leave their classes unattended to meet you. We seek your understanding that our staff might not be able to return your calls or emails immediately. Please leave a message in your child’s organiser for the teacher and ask your child to alert the teacher about the message.