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EL Videos

“All About Friendship”
By: K2 Lovely Periwinkle

“Have you ever wondered what your life would be like without friends?” Children from K2 Lovely Periwinkle dramatized short scenarios to showcase the importance of friendship. Watch to find out the ways friends can be there for you at different moments in your life! 

By: K2 Cheerful Daisy

“How can I show appreciation to my friends?” Children from K2 Cheerful Daisy embarked on a journey to discover their interests and gather information about their friends. 

“Friendship Cookie”
By: K2 Cheerful Snowdrop

“What makes a good friend?” Children from K2 Cheerful Snowdrop pondered upon the qualities and ingredients to friendship. We hope you will enjoy the original song composed by the children, titled “Big Love”. 

“Friends Together”
By: K2 Graceful Jasmine

“How do we play during learning centre time?” Take a peek into our world of play as friends who are kind and loving. Check out “Friends Together', a song that we composed.

“Graceful Friends”
By: K2 Graceful Sunflower

“What is a good friend like?” Children from K2 Graceful Sunflower talked about attributes of good friends and their appreciation for their MK friends. Look out for their original song, “Best Friends”, too!

“Fun times with Friends”
By: K2 Joyful Rose

Time flies during learning centre time. Children from Joyful Rose shared their favourite learning centre games and the way friendships are forged through play.

“Friendship Story”
By: K2 Joyful Tulip 

“What does friendship mean to you?” Children from Joyful Tulip talked about friendship and shared a story on the things they can do to maintain their friendship. 

“Creative Collaborators”
By: K2 Lovely Lavender

Amazing things happen when we put our talents together! We composed a story, designed our characters, and made an ‘animation’! We hope you like it!