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Student Management

Vision : Self-disciplined leaders with a strong sense of integrity and respect for others

Philosophy : We Discipline because we CARE! Every Teacher Cares, Every Teacher Disciplines

Discipline Approach : Discipline with Dignity, Counsel with Compassion

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In Punggol Green Primary School, we practice the culture of mutual respect between the teachers and the students. When we discipline the students, we do not diminish the self-esteem of the students. We focus on correcting the behaviours of the students and not directing our efforts at the students, where their sense of self-worth may be affected. The words and actions we choose must make meaning, always falling back on our School’s values and Students’ Outcomes.

We always Counsel with Compassion and always seek to understand the students’ circumstances before we decide on the right approach to correct their behaviour. All teachers will check in with the students when we see a wrong behaviour because there might be reasons behind their behaviour that are beyond the students’ control. We also counsel with compassion to role-model for our students to emulate as future leaders with compassion in the society they will grow up in.