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Department Vision

Students as future-ready science inquirers in advocating positive change.

Department Mission

Develop the competencies in the practices of Science and the spirit of scientific inquiry anchored on values.


Our vision is to develop our students into future-ready science inquirers who advocate positive change. Based on the framework of the 5 Minds, we emphasize a balance between the acquisition of science knowledge, skills and attitudes. We engage students in authentic experiences that promote co-construction of knowledge, making the pursuit of science meaningful. Grounded in science knowledge and skills, the students consciously relate their learning and actions to their role in the betterment of self, society and environment.


Key Dept initiatives:

Project-Based Learning
The Project-based Learning (PjBL) curriculum is designed around constructivist principles of learning that empower students to learn and explore through the co-construction of knowledge through argumentation as students justify and defend their ideas through scientific methods of representation.

Learning science in PjBL gives students autonomy in charting the direction of their learning as they find that this allows them to exercise their creativity. Through these various modalities and representation of learning, students have opportunities to apply their scientific knowledge, inquire into their own understanding and in the process deepen it.

Scientific Knowledge Understanding and Practices.png

Environmental Education

P3 iCare
Our P3 students embarked on an Environmental Education VIA i-CARE Project at the end of Term 3 this year. The Science and CCE departments have been collaborating on this project. They planted Kang Kong and Leaf Bayam (spinach) through different farming techniques such as special planters along one wall of our vegetable garden, aquaponics and hydroponics. These vegetables were grown using compost recycled from waste food. After a long but fruitful journey for the students, the vegetables thrived and were ready for harvest. The students then packed the vegetables into plastic containers ready to be ‘shipped’ to the community. Their labour of love was distributed to residents of HCA Hospice Care. Through this project, our students have taken the responsibility in doing their part as caring citizens for the community.


P6 Advocacy
Our students are the future stewards of our environment. In PGPS, we aim to develop them to become environmentally literate citizens. Armed with knowledge about the environment, our graduating students organised outreach programmes to advocate environmental conservation in our daily lives. They engaged the K2 students through interactive activities that educated them on the importance of reducing food waste and cultivating saving water habits. This helped to positively shape the attitudes of our young ones towards the environment. A small group of our students worked with the community by promoting the use of recycled shopping bags printed with messages about ‘going green’. With support from Sheng Shiong Supermarket, they encouraged shoppers to reduce the use of plastic bags and distributed the recycled bags as environmentally friendly alternatives. The students were proud to be able to play their part in being an advocate for the environment.


Recycling of Food Waste
We encourage every student to take action in conserving the environment by reducing their carbon footprints. We aimed to build in them the appreciation for the value of food and that food can also be recycled to support the ‘going green’ cause. Students will play their part in recycling unconsumed food into compost which will be used to grow edible plants. These plants will then be presented to our VIA partners, the elderly homes and staff.