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Learning for Life Programme (Student Leadership)

Every student to conduct themselves as confident leaders who care.  

We are committed to providing opportunities for all students to develop their leadership competencies through the APPLE programme.  

Student Leadership in the school starts with the belief that every student must first learn to lead self before leading others. We believe every student can be developed as a leader and that leadership development must be structured, customised and intentional. The six-year leadership development that all PGPS students will experience will enable them to develop personal effectiveness and well-being, build positive relationships, live out their values and grow their character. Adopting the spiral approach in the APPLE programme ensures that students are able to better relate to and understand the purpose and meaningfulness of acquiring the skills and competencies and applying them in their daily lives. Through this approach, we strive to enable all students to achieve the school vision of ‘Future-Ready Leaders With The Heart For Others’.

APPLE Framework

APPLE Framework.png

Philosophy of the APPLE Programme

The APPLE programme - Achieving Purpose and Performance in Leadership Excellence, is underpinned by the Leadership Challenge Model by Kouzes & Posner. In designing the APPLE programme, the ‘Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership’ provides a solid foundation as it entails the core leadership competencies with embedded behaviour and actions we want our students to practice in their life. This will enable them to continue to grow and develop themselves as exemplary leaders and make a positive change. 

With the purposefulness of leadership rooted in place and the proficiency in leadership execution, we would be passing our students the command of the helm of their own life voyage. Through our carefully curated six-year programme, we aim to inspire and lead them into discovering the leadership role they can uphold, and contribute beyond their own social circle. This would enable our students to realise the purpose behind achieving leadership excellence and subsequently translating that intrinsic motivation into proactively taking charge of themselves. We believe that by equipping our students with the critical leadership skills, they would be able to perform to the best of their ability in all that they do.  

Philosophy of the APPLE Programme

The APPLE programmes consists of three distinct domains: Leader in Me, Lead to Serve and Changemaker. The focus and objective of each domain are as follows:

Leader in MeEveryday LeadershipEquipping every PGPS student with baseline leadership skills to lead self to success.
Lead to ServeServant LeadershipDeveloping students to become confident leaders who care.
 Changemaker Transformational LeadershipProviding students with skills and opportunities to become active contributors.