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Department Vision

Future-ready and Responsible Digital Learner.

Department Mission

Igniting the joy of learning through technology and nurturing our students to be proficient in digital literacy and grounded in values.


We adopted a two-tier segmented approach with broad-based programs for all levels and talent-development to stretch students through core-curriculum activities.

Orientation stage (Primary 1s and 2s)
Our lower primary students learn the basic ICT baseline skills including familiarization with learning platforms like Student Learning Space (SLS). They are exposed to basic coding skills to curate digital storyboards and gaming in a collaborative learning environment.

Exploration stage (Primary 3s and 4s)
Our middle primary students learn enhanced ICT applications such as MS Publisher, Google Classroom and Coding through integration of subjects to develop their critical thinking skills.

Mastery stage (Primary 5s and 6s)
Our upper primary students learn block-based coding through IMDA Code-For-Fun (CFF) experiences. They are exposed to concepts in Artificial Intelligence, Google Draw to develop their computational thinking and problem solving skills.

Talent Development
We identified and stretched our P3s to P6s students through our Core-Curriculum Activities (CCAs) Robotics and Infocomm Club to develop students’ potential in exposing them to presentations and competitions.