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English Language

It has been said that the English Language can only be understood “through tough, thorough thought”. Though some may hence see the learning of the language as difficult (there are 5 ways just to pronounce ‘-ough’! Ouch!), we appreciate it as a fun challenge and this is the spirit that we hope to inculcate in our students!


To produce eloquent and confident students with a strong appreciation of the English Language


To provide a rich curriculum that is enabling, engaging and enriching

MLEA for lower primary students.jpg
MLEA for lower primary students

Storytelling session conducted by teachers during EL Fest.jpg
Storytelling session conducted by teachers during EL Fest

Department Key Stage Outcomes

Primary 1 & 2 (Orientation Stage)
By the end of their lower primary years, students will be able to:
  • Possess values, dispositions and skills to listen actively and communicate confidently
  • Read and view with accuracy and fluency through word recognition and make personal connections with texts
  • Explore familiar real-world issues and co-create knowledge with guidance

Primary 3 & 4 (Exploration Stage)
By the end of their middle primary years, students will be able to:
  • Listen actively to different perspectives and communicate confidently and effectively while collaborating with others
  • Read closely using a range of comprehension, information and media literacy skills and strategies to make meaning from texts
  • Explore real-world issues and different perspectives as well as gather information to co-create knowledge in familiar contexts

Primary 5 & 6 (Mastery Stage)
By the end of their upper primary years, students will be able to:
  • Communicate confidently, effectively and sensitively while collaborating with others by balancing an appreciation of the Singapore spirit with multi-ethnic and multi-cultural sensitivities
  • Read critically and with discernment according to PACC in order to distinguish fact from falsehood and to stay well-informed of global issues
  • Evaluate real-world issues and multiple perspectives as well as synthesise information to co-create knowledge and solutions in new contexts

Department Key Programmes

To achieve the department’s key stage outcomes as well as the PGPS Student Outcomes, the department implements the following key approaches and programmes:

Enabling Our Students
Learning Support Programme (P1 & P2)
Reading Remediation Programme (P3 & P4)
School-based Dyslexia Programme (P3 & P4)

Engaging Our Students
STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading)
Process-Genre Approach to Writing
School-Wide Reading Programme (SWRP)
Joy of Writing through the Writer’s Notebook
Poetic Playtime
Books Alive!
English Language Fest

Enriching Our Students
Interdisciplinary Learning Journeys
What’s Up Newspaper Publications for our P5 and P6 students
Theatrical Experience
Speech & Drama Workshop for our P1 and P2 students
Public Speaking & Communication Skills Workshop for selected P3 students
Debate Workshop for selected P5 students