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Character and Citizenship Education

Department Vision

Leaders of Character, Citizens of Compassion

Department Mission

Nurture future-ready leaders of exemplary characters who are empowered in making a difference for the society.

Student CCE Learning Outcomes

Punggol Green Primary School’s vision of “Future-Ready Leaders With The Heart For Others” is in line with our belief that Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) is key in developing holistically-educated students. The CCE Learning Outcomes for each level state what we want our students to learn and attain at various stages of their primary school experience.

CCE Level Outcomes
P1 & P2
  • A confident student who is able to express oneself clearly and manage one’s emotions.
  • A resilient student who is on task and disciplined.
  • A caring and responsible student who cares for others in the family and class.
P3 & P4
  • A respectful and caring student who has social awareness and applies interpersonal skills to build positive relationships.
  • A resilient student who overcomes challenges.
  • A responsible student who takes interest in the well-being of Singapore.
P5 & P6
  • A responsible student who knows his/her strengths and areas for growth.
  • A resilient student with a growth mindset.
  • A responsible student who promotes social cohesion and harmony among peers.
  • A reflective and collaborative student who is involved in community, national and global issues.

The whole-school CCE implementation anchors on the school STRIVE values, the Social and Emotional (SE) Competencies and the 21st Century Competencies. The SE competencies are skills necessary for children to recognise and manage their emotions, develop care and concern for others, make responsible decisions, establish positive relationships, as well as to handle challenging situations effectively. The competencies play a significant role in our students’ character development as they build a strong foundation in our students.

The 21st Century Competencies, which are Civic Literacy, Global Awareness and Cross-Cultural Skills, Critical and Inventive Thinking and Information and Communication Skills, are necessary for the globalised world we live in. Together, these competencies will enable our young to tap into the rich opportunities in the new digital age, while keeping a strong Singapore heartbeat. And thereafter to achieve the Desired Outcomes of Education: to be a Self-directed Learner, an Active Contributor, a Concerned Citizen and a Confident Person.

The school’s CCE programmes are delivered through the curriculum and co-curriculum to achieve the intended outcomes. The design and delivery of CCE as a total curriculum is guided by the 5Ps of CCE (Purpose, Pupil, Holistic ExPeriences, Professional Development and Partnership). Through this, all students will be provided opportunities to learn through experience and then apply and reflect on what has been taught.

Overview of CCE @ PGPS


Snapshot of PGPS CCE Programmes

School Based CCE
Building on FTGP, the school understands the need to strengthen the SEL competencies in our students and addressing them during the School-Based CCE lessons.

Through case scenarios and dialogues, the students are encouraged to think through and clarify their thoughts through examining self and others’ personal feelings. With the growing awareness and empathy, our students make decisions through identifying and evaluating choices based on their values and beliefs.

Education & Career Guidance: Our Aspirations
It’s never too young to have an aspiration on what we want to be when we grow up. You will be surprised by the aspirations of our students, from aspiring to become a Master Chef, a YouTuber to a LEGO designer!

And who will be the best aspiration for our students? Our parents of course! Every year, through surveying the aspiration of our students (lower and upper primary segments), the school invites parents from all walks of life to share about their career, the life skills and values that have supported them to excel in their field. From the engagement sessions, our students learn and explore the different career possibilities and education pathways.

Our Values-in-Action (VIA) programmes aim to create meaningful learning experiences to support students’ development as caring and socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community, through the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills.

As young as Primary 1 & 2, our students inculcate social awareness by playing a part in providing a conducive school environment for themselves and their peers. As they proceed to Primary 3 & 4, our students explore the importance of taking care of the environment. With the mastery of the skills and attributes throughout their early years, the Primary 5 & 6 students then open their hearts and reach out to connect with those in the community.

National Education
As part of the students’ holistic education, our students experience the 4 NE Commemorative Events in tandem with the Social Studies Curriculum to prepare them to be effective citizens through customised lessons and programmes.

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