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Green Club

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The “Green Club” in Punggol Green Primary School does not only make our students cognizant of environmental issues: we go beyond and into the heart of our motivation behind each of our every action from an environmental standpoint.

We aim to inculcate values such as ‘care’, ‘respect’ and ‘responsibility’ - all tenets of Environmental Education - in our members. Through group discussions, hands-on activities and training programmes, students learn to both appreciate and protect the natural environment around us.

The Green Club also seeks to develop advocates who can lead Environmental Education in PGPS, to impact the Punggol community through its environmental projects, and to learn and work alongside identified partners who are already advocating on environmental issues.
As a means of raising Environmental Awareness and constant student engagement, the Club conducts activities all year round.


Green Club members also participate in competitions such as “Waste to Craft” to understand the environmental global challenges and how they can encourage environmental sustainability through innovative use of waste materials to create useful craftwork.

Other activities

Making self-watering can from recycled bottles and planting.

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Making bookmarks using dried flowers (Flower Press)

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Making Compost

We involved our school canteen vendors in our effort to reduce food waste too. Green Club members collected uncooked food scraps such as vegetables parts and egg shells from the vendors and these were composted together with garden soil. The compost will be used to fertilise the edible garden and vegetable planters in the school. Through this activity, the members learn about waste minimisation and how to maximise resources.

Monday 2.20 pm - 4.20 pm Science Lab 1 Ms Mabel Heng
Ms Sherry Leow
Thursday 2.20 pm - 4.20 pm Science Lab 1 *Ms Eugenia Ong
Mdm Thong Wei Wei
Mr Bala Chandran