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Art Club

The Art Club gathers passionate young artists to come together to learn more about Art. It aims to nurture creativity and self-expression and to foster a deeper love and appreciation for the Arts. The Art Club also encourages the holistic development of the students, anchored in the vision and mission of the school.

Throughout the year, students hone their skills and techniques through various Art forms and mediums beyond the formal Art curriculum. Drawing, painting, pottery and craft-work are just some examples of what students will learn. Apart from mastering their artistic inclinations, they will also build character as they learn to work together, share ideas and help one another whilst forging new friendships. Art Club members will also cultivate values such as respect and resilience through their Art-making journey.

Learning Journeys to museums and workshops are also included to extend learning and awareness of Art beyond school. Members would also be presented with opportunities to represent the school in various Art events such as competitions and exhibitions. For the School’s Official Opening in 2015, the Art Club members created pottery pieces which were showcased in an Art Exhibition. The pieces were then put up for a Silent Auction to visitors in order to raise funds.

Monday 2.20 pm - 4.20 pm Art Room Mdm Izyan
Mdm Chua Yinghan
Thursday 2.20 pm - 4.20 pm Art Room *Ms Ita
Mdm Ruhernie