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School Facilities

Punggol Green Primary School is built under the new norms designed to support the delivery of holistic education. School facilities and spaces are designed to support engaged learning, facilitate differentiated learning and promote interaction and collaboration.

Classrooms & Teaching Lab

The school is equipped with 40 classrooms with facilities to allow for group sharing and collaboration as well as to include enhanced learning stations such as Listening Post, Reading Centre and Mini Stage to support various modes of learning. Teaching Lab is also built with one-way observation mirrors, multi-angled video cameras and recording systems to support teachers’ professional development and improve teaching and learning.

Outdoor Learning Area

outdoor 1 outdoor 2
outdoor 3
Punggol Green Primary School is designing an Outdoor Experiential Learning Area to stimulate children’s interest through exploration and hands-on activities and to mature a spirit of inquiry and curiosity for life-long learning. It also provides a richer learning experience to help children understands concepts taught in class. Other outdoor areas would be creatively enhanced to double up as learning spaces.

Special Rooms

With more emphasis on Arts and Music, the school is also equipped with 2 Art & Craft rooms, 2 music rooms, a band room as well as a dance studio. The Multi-Resource Library is also equipped with Performing Arts Studio to allow children to collaborate and put up performances.

Health & Fitness Areas

To support physical education and promote healthy lifestyle among children, our school is equipped with an Indoor Sports Hall and a synthetic field for various forms of physical activities. The school is also building an Outdoor Fitness Play Area to develop children’s psychomotor skills, promote socio-emotional growth and nurture quality relationships among peers. These areas will also double up as outdoor learning areas.

Student Care Services

Punggol Green Primary School is also equipped with a Student Care Centre to cater to the needs of working parents who are unable to look after their children after school. The centre is located within the school. It has the capacity to accommodate 60 students. The centre will be managed by a private vendor.

School Dental
Opening Hours
Days: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 0800 - 1700
Contact Number: 65389603
Name of Nurse: Annisa

In case of emergency, call the following numbers if Punggol Green School Dental is closed:

  • 63882667 (North Spring Primary)
  • 63156424 (Edgefield Primary)
  • 64837967 (Horizon Primary)
  • 68861887 (Greendale Primary)