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FISH! & School Philosophy

In alignment to our school vision, 'Every PGPS student, a Future Ready Leader', Punggol Green Primary has adopted the FISH! Philosophy to build our school culture. Through the practice of the FISH! Philosophy, a safe and playful learning environment is created within the school to enhance personal responsibility and internal motivation amongst staff and students.

The FISH! Philosophy, which originated as a workplace management system created by John Christensen, comprises of four principles – Play, Choose Your Attitude, Make Their Day and Be There. Our school mascots – Playto, Attie, Makena and Beth were developed based on these four principles.
Meet our school mascots...

To encourage and motivate our students to embrace the FISH! Philosophy as their way of life, each student is issued with a FISH! Passport. Stamps are collected from our teachers based on the display of the FISH! behaviours. Praise cards are also given to the students if they are 'caught' with the right FISH! behaviours. At the end of each term, a checklist, aptly termed the FISH! Inventory is used to provide feedback to the students and parents on their FISH! behaviours. We encourage all parents to practice these four simple yet powerful principles of the FISH! Philosophy with your child at home!