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Breaking News!

Enhanced Precautionary Measures During Covid-19

With the rapid developments of the Covid-19 global pandemic, PGPS has stepped up measures to enhance the protection against virus. These measures include:

1) Daily temperature taking and visual screening for students and staff

2) Minimized mass gathering of students through – 
a) Suspension of large group and communal activities such as assemblies, camps and mass celebrations
b) CCAs and school-based after-school programmes will be suspended until 5 Apr 2020. 
c) Assigned tables in the canteen to each class for recess and lunch for social distancing
d) Assigned fixed seating arrangement in classrooms 
e) Distributed dismissal points for different level of students to avoid crowding at the waiting areas

3) Promoting and inculcating better personal hygiene habits for students  -
a) Increasing the students’ awareness about COVID-19 and how to reduce the risk of infection
b) Putting in place routines to help students develop the habit of washing their hands
c) Carrying out a daily wipe down routine for spaces that they have used.   

4) Close monitoring of students and staff health and attendance

5) Increased frequencies of deep cleaning with disinfectants of the school premises

6) Stringent Visitor’s Management –
a) Travel History Declarations
b) Temperature Taking 
c) Denied entry for visitors with recent travel to affected countries as recommended by MOH

7) Travel Declaration for Staff and Students during long breaks 

8) Students and staff who have travelled overseas during the March holidays will not report to school for 14 days upon their arrival to Singapore. 

We are proud of our staff and students, with the cooperation of the parents, who have put in extra effort in being socially responsible during these uncertain times. Together, we can fight this!