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P3 Environmental Education VIA i-Care Project

Our P3 students embarked on an Environmental Education VIA i-CARE Project at the end of Term 3 this year. This is their 3rd year of the i-Care Project which is a collaboration between the CCE and Science Departments. They planted Kang Kong and Leaf Bayam (spinach) in special planters along one wall of our vegetable garden and to ensure a good harvest, students had to show daily care to their plants. These vegetables were grown using organic soil, without any chemicals

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Students then tracked the growth of their plants over time while providing them with the suitable conditions (eg, warmth, light, water) to encourage healthy plant growth, even as they observe their plants develop from seeds to fully grown plants. This is done by drawing out the stages of plant growth, including its height, and making their notes inside their i-CARE booklets.

After a long but fruitful journey for them, the vegetables thrived in the Edible Garden and were ready for harvest on 10 November 2017. After harvesting, the students packed the vegetables into 30 plastic containers. Their labour of love were distributed to residents of HCA Hospice Care at Jalan Tan Tock Seng.   Through this project, our students learn to appreciate the elderly and show their care for others. At the same time, we have Made Their Day (Makena) and show them that we can Be There (Beth) for them in time of need.