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At PGPS, we place the learner and the child’s learning at the centre in the design of the Science curriculum and the planned programmes. 

Placing the child’s learning at the centre means appreciating the unique strengths in different students and thus factoring in multimodality over the course of each term’s thematic teaching. 

We believe that it is through experiencing the wonders of science within, as well as beyond, the four walls of the classroom that our students can achieve greater understanding and appreciation of Science. 

The approach to the teaching and learning of Science@PGPS (shown in the following diagram) focuses on 3 aspects—being the ‘Reflective Learner’, the ‘Doing Learner’ and the ‘Experiential Learner’. 

pgps science.png

Students will learn to be reflective in Science through rich-classroom discussions and mindmapping. 

They will learn to do Science through experimentation in the Science Laboratories. 

They will learn through crafted experiences on their exploration in the Eco-Garden and along Story-infused Project-based Learning.