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Programme for Active Learning

As part of the PAL initiative, a team of teachers at Punggol Green Primary specially put together a series of purposefully planned activities to provide the students with broad exposure and experiences in the four domains; Sports and Games, Outdoor Education, Performing Arts and Visual Arts. The activities facilitate the holistic development of the students in the five broad learning areas of physical, cognitive, social, aesthetics and moral.

Activities in the performing art domains range from creative movement, fusion dance to drama programme and its primary focus on creating the awareness, appreciation and interest in performing arts. The visual arts activities focus on enhancing the students’ creativity, thinking skills and social emotional competencies through expression of ideas via different medium such as clay and the sports and games domain places its focus on the development of psychomotor and coordination skills, healthy lifestyle and increase of sports safety awareness

The Outdoor Education modules are experiential in nature, incorporating learning in a creative and fun way and most importantly, providing opportunities for character development and honing of social and emotional competencies. The modules encompass learning in an innovative way through the adoption of an adventure theme where students imagine themselves to be survivors of a shipwreck, stranded on an island. Working in groups, they have to overcome various challenges along the way. For instance, the Primary One students had to make use of their senses to identify potable water and edible plants found in the school’s eco-garden. Tapping upon their creative juices, they created footwear out of recycled materials which they collected. The adventure continues at the Primary Two level where students had to collaborate to cross ‘treacherous rivers’ before finally arriving at ‘safe grounds’ to pitch their tents. The Primary Two students were also given an ‘imaginary pet’ in the form of a decorated eggshell to ‘care’ for a week.

Implementation of PAL is a collective school effort at Punggol Green Primary. Teachers take notes during the lessons based on the students’ responses. Such observations and suggestions for improvement are shared for further refinements to the package. Furthermore, the social and emotional competencies such as turn taking and accepting different views, are reiterated in the classrooms. This helps students see the relevance of the competencies taught. The school works very closely with the service providers for some of the modules to ensure that meaningful and quality lessons are planned and carried out for the pupils.

The best testimony of the success of the programme thus far is the high level of engagement of our students as many of them eagerly look forward to their next PAL adventure. The teachers are also proud to see our little ones apply the social emotional competencies in different contexts. We hope that through the programme, by equipping our students with the social and emotional competencies, it will better prepare every PGPS student to be a future-ready leader!