Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying occurs when electronic gadgets like mobile phones, computers, social media, and Internet services are used as a means to intentionally hurt someone in cyberspace. With cyber bullying, there is no physical escape for the victim – negative content can be shared, saved and spread online, and a victim can be “reached” at all times. So it is difficult for a victim to walk away from cyber bullying, as compared to physical bullying where it is confined to the time and place a person is in.

By hiding behind the screen, it is easier for cyber bullies to be mean and harder for them see how their online posts have hurt others. In cyberspace, bystanders can become bullies if they share hurtful posts or add on to the nasty comments. Once a hurtful online post goes viral, it is difficult to stop, and even more challenging to remove it.

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Examples of Cyber Bullying

7 common forms of cyber bullying
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Effects of Cyber Bullying

Victims may...
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Everyone can play a part to stop bullying
    • Standing, watching and doing nothing will affirm the bully and hurt our friends
    • Everyone can be an “Upstander” by standing up for what is right when we witness an act of online bullying taking place
    • By telling a trusted adult like your teacher, you might be able to help people who are involved

Tips for students

How do you deal with cyber bullying?

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How do you help a friend who is being cyber bullied?

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