Shared Book Approach (SBA)

Under the Shared Reading Experiences, the teachers use the Shared Book Approach (SBA) to introduce and share a Big Book with the pupils. The SBA includes the application of skills such as prediction and the use of contextual cues as well as illustrations to understand a text. This is followed by the teaching of language items, structures and skills explicitly, including concepts of print, phonics and grammar.

Teachers will also design a range of follow-up activities such as drama and art and craft to suit the children's learning needs. 

Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA)

In MLEA, there is a shared experience that is linked to the Big Book that has been read during Shared Reading. The shared experience provides the context and content for the children to think and talk about, using the target language structures and vocabulary they have been exposed to in SBA.   With the help of the teacher, the pupils come up with a piece of class writing. The children will then work in groups for a group writing, before they proceed to individual writing. The whole process is scaffolded for success and pupils also learn about cooperative learning as they work together in mixed-ability groups.

Learning Centres (LC) 
The language skills learnt in both SBA and MLEA are reinforced in the Learning Centres (LC). In LC, activities are planned and differentiated for the pupils in three main learning centres – the Reading Centre, the Word Study Centre and the Listening Centre. Pupils have the opportunity to re-learn, revisit or extend what they have learnt at their own pace and in differentiated ability groups. 

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Outdoor Education 
The English Language curriculum also encompasses outdoor education to enrich and expand the pupils’ learning experiences. A learning journey to the Animal Resort was organised to complement the teaching and learning of animals based on the STELLAR books. At the Animal Resort, pupils had the opportunity to interact closely with animals such as rabbits, geese, horse, crowned cranes and peacocks. The experience enabled the pupils to perform a Show-and-Tell of their favourite animal to their teacher and peers.     

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