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Staff Sharing on Common Errors in English Usage

Which of these sentence structures is correct: “We are in a bus” or “We are on a bus?” If you have a home in Punggol, do you say “I live in Punggol” or “I stay in Punggol?” The staff of Punggol Green Primary not only found the answers to these questions, they also gained greater insight into the other common errors we tend to make when communicating in English.

As part of the Whole School Approach to Effective Communication (WSA-EC) and the Speak Good English Movement (SGEM), the English department has initiated a practice whereby our experienced English teachers will share with the entire teaching staff some common errors in English usage during staff meetings. These sessions are fun-filled and enlightening as we learn about some of the common errors that we were not even aware of. People say it is difficult to teach an old dog new tricks. This is definitely not true of the teachers in Punggol Green Primary. In our school, the staff embrace lifelong learning and show our students that it is never too late and we are never too old, to learn something new.