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P1 Learning Journey to Singapore Zoo

Pre-activity during English Lesson

The P1 students read a big book entitled, “Walking Through the Jungle” during their Shared Book Approach (SBA)
Their English teachers spent time with the students to plan the route to take in the zoo using a map of the zoo. This helped to increase participation and create a sense of ownership of learning.
Photography Lesson prior to the Learning Journey
Prior to the visit to the zoo, the teachers conducted a simple photography training session for the students to familiarize themselves with the use of a digital camera. They took photographs of their classmates during the hands-on session. This was to prepare them to take photographs of the animals during their learning journey.

PSG members as Chaperons for Learning Journey
On the 13February 2014, we set off for the Zoo. Many thanks to our Parent Support Group (PSG) members for accompanying us on the learning journey. At the Zoo, the students had a great time having close encounters with the animals in “Wild Africa”. The children took photographs of the various animals as they walked through the zoo. They also sang the song “Walking Through the Jungle” as they moved from one part of the zoo to another. While observing the animals, they completed a hand-out that required them to note the names of the animals, its body covering, and the way it moved.
All the classes reported to the Amphitheatre to watch the Sea Lion Show. The students were amazed by the sea lion as it demonstrated its skill both in and out of the water. Its incredible ability to follow and understand its trainer’s instructions demonstrates its intelligence. After the show, they continued exploring the zoo and returned to school just in time for reflection and dismissal.
Activities back in School
During MLEA, the Primary 1 classes wrote a class dictated text about their visit to the Zoo. The text was based on the shared experience that the children had at the zoo. The learning journey to the zoo provided the context and content for the students to think and discuss their experience. They were able to use the target language structures and vocabulary that they were exposed to during the earlier SBA lessons.
During their ICT lesson, the children used the Padlet platform to create a mini presentation of their learning journey. They selected one of the photographs they took in the zoo and wrote a caption to go with the picture.