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Chinese Opera Assembly Talk

When the P2 students were introduced to the STELLAR book “The Chinese Opera Game”, many of them had no idea what Chinese Opera was about. This was more so for our students who were not Chinese. To remedy this situation, our school invited Poi Ching School’s Chinese Opera CCA troupe to bring to life the words and illustrations in the text through a performance and sharing about Chinese Opera Our students were introduced to the elements that make up Chinese Opera such as the different characters and roles found in Chinese Opera which were the Male, Female, the Painted Face and the Clown. They were also told how the different colours of the make-up defined the characters.
After the introduction, the students from Poi Ching performed a short scene from a Chinese opera. The story is about a beautiful young mouse who fell in love with a poor mouse. Her mother was against the relationship. Through the scene, they demonstrated how Chinese Opera is expressed through songs and gestures.
After the performance, they invited some of the students on stage and taught them some of the movements and gestures from their short scene. The rest of the students in the hall followed suit. Other students were invited on stage to learn how to use an imaginary whip and gallop like a horse.
It was an enriching experience for the students. They returned to their classes, humming the melodious tunes, and practising the graceful movements and gestures they learnt.

Back in class, the students wrote about their first-hand experience, using the vocabulary they have learnt about Chinese Opera from the big book, as well as the other language items such as adverbs, past tense verbs and adjectives to make their writing more interesting.