Total Defence Day 2018

Total Defence Day 2018

Total Defence Day was commemorated on the 15 February 2018 with the theme “Together We Keep Singapore Strong”. The theme serves to remind Singaporeans that we play an important part in contributing to the different aspects of Total Defence in order to keep our country safe and strong, especially with the new threats and challenges faced.   Activities were organized to engage and deepen students’ understanding of the different aspects of Total Defence. In Economic Defence, students pledged to save water which is an important economic resource. The signed cut-out water droplets were collected and made into a collage where it was put up at different parts of the school to remind the students of their pledge to save water.


In Civil Defence, the students had the chance to be involved in hands-on CPR session. They also learnt basic bandaging and had the opportunity to apply the skills on their peers.


In Psychological and Social defence, students of different races came together to build a tall tower using wooden pegs and ice cream sticks. Despite facing challenges in the task with the structure toppling down, the students persevered and really portray the spirit of harmony and resilience.  Their determination in achieving success together was truly laudable.