Student Leadership


Outcomes aligning to Guiding Principles:
  • Take ownership for self and others while leading with pride. 
  • Taking on others' perspectives, empathize and guide others to help make their day. 
  • Lead others with respect. Be engaged and motivate others in the assigned tasks. 
  • Leading Change. Being positive and adaptable to changes. 

 A future-ready leader is one who is anchored with the core values, equipped with socio-emotional competencies, possesses the 21st Century Competencies skills set. It is not just leading by position but it is through one’s action and leading by example. At PGPS, we believe that everyone can and will be given opportunities to exercise leadership. Every PGPS student will be nurtured and developed into Leaders of Character, Citizens of Compassion.

In PGPS, a 3-tiered student leadership structure has been developed to cater to the different levels of leadership ability and development of our students. This structure guides the school in the planning and development of the students in domain of leadership. At each tier, the students go through the process of identification, development and monitoring to help them achieve their fullest potential.