NE Commemorative Days

Total Defence Day 2020

Punggol Green Primary School commemorated Total Defence Day 2020 from 10 February to 14 February this year. Amidst the situation with the outbreak of COVID-19, we learnt how a system that supports Total Defence of a nation helps its people get through any hardship. We had activities during our Social Studies lessons and in-class assembly. During our in-class assembly, we watched a video about how fake news can affect us as a school and we wrote a pledge to be a defender of Singapore


Racial Harmony Commemoration 2019

The Singapore Connection

As we commemorate, Punggol Green Primary School students reflected on their
shared experiences and values that connect us as Singaporeans. This Racial Harmony Day
was all about learning more about each other so we can remain open and inclusive in the
years to come. We were joined by distinguished guests, President Halimah Yacob and
Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education, Ms Low Yen Ling.

The commemoration started off with a drama performance “Under One Block”, introducing
Sir Stamford Raffles as the founder of modern Singapore, and playing defining moments of
life in Singapore. The drama then moved on to introduce the Tan family and their
neighbours. The various neighbours discussed the kampung spirit, racial riots, and their
wishes for Singapore.

Arriving at the HDB void deck, students, parents, teachers and staff joined in the various
activities - Harmony Dance, the Punggol Green Residents’ Corner, community sports and
also a gallery walk at the Singapore Connection Garden.

In the garden, they could view the vision and hopes of the Punggol Green Community for
Singapore in the year 2050 as a multiracial society. They could also see the weaving of the
Orange Ribbon nested in the middle of the heart as a reminder that social cohesion and
racial harmony are crucial in building an inclusive and open community. The weaving is an
example of how our lives are interconnected and how our experiences are connected as
One. Mdm President and Ms Low added the finishing touch to the art installation “The
Singapore Connection” by making the last weave.


International Friendship Day 2019

This year, the theme for International Friendship Day (IFD) is Connected Communities. Globalisation provides us with the opportunity to be acquainted with friends of different traditions, languages, cultures and histories.  It is thus important to encourage our students to actively deepen the connection with our neighbours as well as nurture the spirit of friendship and collaboration among different peoples.

During the Social Studies lessons, the students learnt about the purpose of ASEAN and the member states. They then applied their knowledge through various recess activities.

In PGPS, our students learnt to greet in the various languages through the listening posts stations. Using iPads, they practised and recorded their greetings so that their peers can listen to them. They also matched the country flags to the respective national flowers and currencies. With the correct match, they then get to pose with the props for photo taking.  


Total Defence Day 2019

This year, an array of activities were lined up during our recesses to show how we can play a part to keep Singapore strong on 14th and 15th February.

Our students experienced a modified Standard Obstacle Course (SOC), played the Total Defence Puzzle that highlighted the 6 pillars of Total Defence and witnessed our cubs Scouts demonstrating basic first aid skills.

On 15th February, the students had an up close experience of the police vehicle and the tactical gear. They put on different uniforms and posed for a picture with our male teachers who were in their smart uniforms. Students also had a go at putting on the camouflage cream.