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NE Commemorative Events Archive

National Day 2017

Punggol Green Primary School celebrated our nation’s 52nd year of independence on 8 August 2017. Standing at attention at the start of the day we watched proudly as the flag bearers march in with the ‘Red and White’ that symbolises our brotherhood and equality and our pervading and everlasting purity and virtue. It was followed by the singing of the National Anthem and the appreciation of our history as we listen to the Recollections.After the Observance Ceremony, we proceeded to our classrooms to engage in colouring activities and even solve crossword puzzles to enhance our feelings of pride and enthusiasm in celebrating our National Day.Finally it was time for the concert. The students from the MOE Kindergarten kicked it off with a cute performance using two of our National Day songs, “Stand Up For Singapore” and “Singapura”. We watched in awe as our Drama Club, in collaboration with the school Dance Group, put up a musical entitled “This Is Home”. Being the first year our school attended the NE Show, we also got to watch a video on our friends when they were there. They seem to have had a lot of fun! But the highlight of the day had to be the sing-a-long session when we sang as #OneNationTogether.






International Friendship Day 2017

For International Friendship Day this year, we celebrated ASEAN 50. Based on the theme, we prepared activities that focused on allowing our students to appreciate culture diversity and nurture the willingness to embrace others from diverse backgrounds.   During recess, students learnt how to make colourful paper bracelets to exchange with their friends. We also had special performances during assembly. Our students from the drama CCA recited a poem entitled ‘Making new Friends’ by Helen Steiner Rice and performed a song ‘You've Got a Friend in Me’ by Randy Newman to emphasise the importance of friendship.    We ended off with dance performances by Dancetopia, our dance CCA. They performed ‘Apat Apat’ (Planting Rice), a folk dance from Philippines, ‘CIMO CIMO’ and ‘CEIMO CEIMO’, a Singapore folk dance.



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