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Education Career Guidance

Our Aspiration Programme

In PGPS, we encourage our students to explore their interests, abilities and passion so that they can make informed choices on education and career in the future, hence developing their aspiration. At the same time, we want to inculcate in our students an appreciation for all types of careers.

Parents play an important role in supporting the growth of their child’s aspiration.  With their knowledge, skills and experience in the respective field of work, they definitely will be able to share meaningful experiences at work with our students.  Thus, on 3 August, we invited our parents and professionals to share with our students about their aspirations and career.

Our students were delighted to hear from a range of speakers from different walks of life – an Architect, a Software Engineer, a Social Worker, a Nurse and a Storyteller. The speakers openly shared about their responsibilities, the skills and knowledge that they apply in their role and most importantly, the values they uphold. Our students were intrigued by the different possibilities of careers and were eager to find out more during the Q&A sessions.

This session will definitely be the stepping stone for our students to think about their own aspirations. They will be exploring the multiple possibilities of their potential career with their parents and given the chance to share with their peers in the next session of “Our Aspiration”.


Mdm Liew (Architect)


Ms Atiqa (Nurse)

Social Worker.JPG

Mr Sheng (Social Worker)

Software Engineer.JPG

Mr Singh (Software Engineer)


Mdm Tan (Storyteller)



Students reading their schoolmates' aspirations in the CCE room during recess

Our Aspirations 2016

A big thank you to the parents who took time to share their careers with us during Our Aspirations 2016!

Our Aspirations 2016 (1).jpg

Mr Faizal (Policeman)

Our Aspirations 2016 (3).JPG

Mr Zahid (Rope Access Specialist)

Our Aspirations 2016 (4).JPG

Mr Zulkilain (Crane Operator)

Our Aspirations 2016 (2).JPG

Mr Ashik (Doctor)