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Events 2015

Children's Day 2015

PGPS celebrated Children's Day on 8 October with a slew of exciting performances. From skits by our supportive PSG and teachers to a magic show, dances, ukulele and sing-a-long sessions, our students were thrilled. 

The grand finale was a meet-and-greet with the students' favourite cartoon characters. Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Hello Kitty, Barney, Sponge Bob Square Pants and of course, Minion! 

It was the most memorable day for everyone, especially for the students. From everyone at PGPS, wishing all children, "Happy Children's Day!"


Double Celebration: Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Racial Harmony Day 2015

On 20th July, Punggol Green Primary School was a sea of colours as students were dressed in various traditional costumes as part of the celebration for Hari Raya Aidifitri and commemoration of Racial Harmony Day.

hari raya aidil.jpgFor a continuous period of two weeks, a range of activities were organized to provide students with authentic experience in learning about Hari Raya and Racial Harmony. The students experienced a day in a typical Muslim household in Singapore, learning about traditional games from the various ethnic groups.  It was heartwarming to see our students of various ethnic groups coming together, to bond and introduce to one another the games they play.  Even our little friends from MOE Kindergarten joined in the activities and showed off their colouring skills during the colouring contest.With the theme "Harmony in our Hands", our students wrote their dedications and well wishes to their friends, especially their Muslim friends for the Hari Raya celebration.  

A special concert was put up by the teachers, students and PSG featuring the ways our Muslim friends celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri in Singapore.  The concert also included an interactive quiz segment to promote racial harmony.  The celebration concluded with a sing-a-long finale by our students of Punggol Green Primary. 

hari raya 1.jpg

hari raya 2.jpg

SG50 Celebration 2015

This year, to commemorate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, we have created a 'concoction' of enriching learning experiences to get our students, teachers and parents to reflect on our journey together and celebrate what makes us Singaporean.  PGPS would like to share some of our many unique experiences with you.


To kick-start the jubilee celebration, we invited the students, together with their families, to design their very own SG50 icon - an icon that represents who we are and what makes us Singaporean! The response to the SG50 icon competition was overwhelming with the enthusiasm from the students and strong support from the parents. The top 20 designs were selected from the few hundred submitted.  The top winner took creativity to the next level, with the unique Singapore Flyer design mounted with various icons of Singapore illustrated as its carriage. All the icons received from our teachers, students and MOE Kindergarten were then formed into the shape of the Singapore Map, which illustrates our collective sense of identity. 

sg50 1.jpg

sg50 2.jpg

sg50 3.jpg

Our Teachers, their Memories

sg50 4.jpg

Students often look up to their teachers and are fascinated by how their teachers were when they were young or students themselves.  Our Teachers, their Memories project provided the opportunity for our teachers to share photos of the wonderful memories they had as a student or their lives back then. A historical timeline was created using these photos and through the related mini quizzes. Students not only built a stronger rapport with their teachers, they also learnt about the development of Singapore and our unique identity. Great buzz was created during the activity when students interact with the teachers on their life experiences and the iconic places in Singapore.

Those Were the Days

 In PGPS, we believe that providing authentic experiences greater enhance the understanding and learning of the students.  That was exactly what the students went through in their role as  the Karang Guni Man and Samsui Woman.Not only did they have to dress the part, they too had to do the part by measuring the weight of the newspaper collection and carrying loads to prepare the ‘building’ of the roads. Through invoking the different senses, the students were presented with the King of Fruits, the Durian and Singapore National Flower, Vanda Miss Joaqium. The students were amazed by the vivid colours of our National Flower and of course some debated between the aroma or pungent smell of the Durian.  Not forgetting our famous traditional ice cream, eaten either with the bread or wafer, where our students had the chance to enjoy this delight as their final stop to these enriching experiences.

sg50 a1.jpg

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Our Hopes and Dreams

The SG50 celebration is a time where we kindle the feeling of home, of our hopes and dreams for Singapore. This is the time where students think about their own aspiration and potential in contributing towards building a brighter Singapore. Each and every student penned down their pledge, their hopes and dreams for Singapore.  These are some of the wonderful heartfelt wishes from our students:


I am thankful for a happy and safe Singapore. Brensha

I am thankful for Singapore because it is the greenest city in the world. Yun Tian

I love Singapore because the people around us are very friendly and care for others. Syakirah

I want to be a Singapore singer so that I can make songs to show how proud I am to be a Singaporean. Ezanne

Singapore is the best country in the world. ArushiThis year, to commemorate Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, we have created a 'concoction' of enriching learning experiences to get our students, teachers and parents to reflect on our journey together and celebrate what makes us Singaporean.  PGPS would like to share some of our many unique experiences with you.