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Parents Letters Archive 2016

PGPS_16_07_10 - GEP 2017.pdf

PGPS_16_05_07 - Payment for Enrichment Prog 2016.pdf

PGPS_16_05_03 - PTCC Letter.pdf

Parents' Learning Fest PPT Slides.zip 

PGPS_16_04_07 - Parent-Child Bonding workshop.pdf

PGPS_16_04_04 - P3 Holistic Assessment.pdf

PGPS_16_04_01 - Parent Learning Fest 2016.pdf


PGPS 16_03_06 - Term Two Public Hoilday 2016 (Travel Declaration).pdf


PGPS_16_03_04_Phase 1 Survey.pdf

PGPS_16_03_03 - March Holiday  Homework on Learning Management System.pdf

PGPS_16_03_02 - _Student Portfolio.pdf

 PGPS 16_03_01 - Term One Sch Hoilday 2016 (Travel Declaration).pdf


PGPS_16_02_03 Edusave Standing Order for Enrichment Programmes (pg 2 

 PGPS 16_02_01 - CNY 2016 (Travel Declaration).pdf

Year Head briefing (22 January 2016).pdf

PGPS_16_01_10 _ P2 - P4 Term 1 Assessment Letter to Parents .pdf

PGPS SBB and GEP Slides for 2016.pdf

PGPG_16_01_08 - Traffic Games at Road Safety Community Park.pdf

PGPS 16_01_07_P4_PTCC.pdf

 PGPS_16_01_04 SwimSafer Prog for P3 Updates.pdf

PGPS_16_01_03 - P3 SwimSafer Prog for P3 in Term 1.pdf

PGPS _ 16_01_02 - Excellence CCAs Updates 2016.pdf

PGPS 16_01_01B Temp taking (7 Jan) & update student particular & med report (p2 -p4).pdf

PGPG 16_01_01A Temp taking (7 Jan) (for P1).pdf